As one of Philippines’ premium conference brands for banking community, T4 Banking is considered as a bridge, and an arena where we connect the thinkers, innovators, disruptors and most importantly all of the decision-makers in the Philippine banking ecosystem.

The second-year edition will be a gathering of all the business executives from banks, financial regulators, pan-financial companies, and technology solution providers across the entire Philippines. This edition with the theme - “Philippine Digital Banking: The Future and Beyond” we will congregate more than 300 high profile delegates such as Technical Directors, CEO, CIO, CTO, CDO, Risk Control Directors, Information Security Heads, and a lot more.

T4 Banking is strongly committed in providing its audience deeper knowledge with 4 Ts – Trends, Tactics, Trust Building Components, and Technology in the Philippine banking landscape. The community aims to accelerate the transformation to a future digital banking ecosystem. The format of the event will be a closed door, B2B oriented forum. Varies type of arrangements will be presented during the event such as lucky draws, interactive panel discussions, roundtable luncheon, booth making contest, one-to-one private meetings, networking and awards-giving.

This is not your ordinary event. We will be bringing the highest level of excitement and energy showcasing the world's top banking technology providers and bank participants, all in one roof!


1. Revolutionizing The Philippine Banking Landscape: Embracing A Client-Centric Experience.

2. Transforming the Future of Banking Through Cloud and Open-Source Technologies.

3. The Future of Digital Banking in the Philippines and the catalysts for success.

4. The Help of Seamless Omnichannel in Reshaping the Philippine Banking Customer Experience.

5. Unlocking Philippine Banks Progress with Analytics and AI-powered Certainty.

6. Enhancing Bank Risk Management with Data-driven AI.

7. Embracing the Future of Banking: Open Banking and API Integration.

8. Strengthening Bank Cybersecurity Measures and Risk Management.

9. The Power of Biometric Security and Identity Management in Digital Banking.

10. From Concept to Reality: How Blockchain Will Reshape the Philippine Banking Industry.